Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Temple St Night Market

There's a lot to do in Hong Kong during the day but there is just as much life at night. With cooler temperatures and no space to cook in a small Hong Kong dwelling, most people head out in the evenings to socialize, grab a bite to eat, and get away from their smothers. I mean, mothers. Seriously, Hong Kong living quarters are tight. Labbits in warrens have more space.

So people tend to go out. One of the things people do at night is get their shopping done. Temple St. Night Market is one of the busiest flea markets in Hong Kong. It's found on the Kowloon side, in the Jordan neighborhood. Often referred to as the "Men's Market" you will find all sorts of clothing, belts, shoes, DVDs, powerful laser pointers (banned in the USA!), lighters and food. Expect knock offs and bargains, and don't forget to haggle.

Pipkin wasn't in the market for a fake Gucci bag, off color Rolex or a misspelled Ferrari phone case, but he did enjoy people watching. Hidden in the back of these stalls are shops with antiques, Chinese herbs and other miscellany. Pipkin saw something out of the corner of his eye in this shoe shop. See it?

Keep a sharp eye on those bargains and hidden gems!

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