Sunday, November 3, 2013

TurboJetsetting to Macau

Feelin' like a gangsta in the lobby of the Grand Lisboa
For the weekend, Pipkin and Domo joined the TurboJetset crowd and sailed to Macau by hydrofoil. Macau is a former Portuguese colony made up of two islands just 60 km southwest of Hong Kong. Pipkin was excited to see the mix of Asian and European architecture. Domo was psyched to do a little gambling. Macau is known as the "Monte Carlo of the Orient", and when the major American hotels and casinos began operations in Macau a few years ago, Macau became bigger for gambling than Las Vegas.

Armed with his lucky labbit's foot (four of them! That's even luckier!) Domo went to Grand Lisboa, easily recognised in Macau as the tallest building. He tried his hand at Pai Gow, Mah Jong and Fan Tan before hitting the blackjack and poker tables. Sorry for the lack of photos, but photography on the casino floor is forbidden. To sum up, let's just say Pipkin's feet are not so lucky, and Macau's economy is in better shape than it was before they arrived on the island.

A little to the right...
Domo was disappointed to lose, but his spirits lifted when Pipkin took him to Fortaleza do Monte, a fort built in the early 1600s by the Jesuits to defend Macau.

A plan started to form in Domo's mind.

But nothing came of his plan. Curses! You just can't trust centuries old ordnance.

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