Friday, November 22, 2013

Hungry In Macau

Having hopped around some of the sights in Macau (Fortaleza do Monte, the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, a Buddhist temple, and the Grand Lisboa casino), Pipkin and Domo found themselves rather peckish so they followed the crowd at chow-time.

If the crowd doesn't point you to food, this guy will!
It really is that simple. Find a crowd, and you'll find food. There are a few things that you must try in Macau. If you're a meat-eater like Domo, there's a wide variety of chewy jerky meats:

And if you're a cookie and biscuit lover, then of course you must hit the bakeries in Macau for a tin of cookies. Pipkin's favourite are these almond cookies, which you can see bakers molding in the shop.

The number one thing you must, must, MUST eat in Macau, are Portuguese egg tarts! Unlike Cantonese egg tarts, Portuguese egg tarts have a flakier pastry and the custard has a bruleed top. (Chef Jimmy visited Captain Holly a while back and they baked Hong Kong style egg tarts. Recipe here.)

These are wonderful when warm. Sooo, so tasty, and so, so flaky!

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