Thursday, July 18, 2013

Water Running Up

Humid days will fog up a lens...

It was another hot and humid day in Taiwan when Pipkin and Domo visited "Water Running Up" - a 1.8 km irrigation canal from Dulan that flows...upwards?!

This pretty park's thin canal winds through gentle slopes where small leaves and flowers will fall into the canal and get whisked away upstream. Pipkin's little mind was blown but Domo quickly solved the mystery. (SPOILER ALERT!)

The trees and landscape surrounding the park create an optical illusion that only makes it appear as though water is flowing uphill. In fact, as measured by Domo's iPhone level (there's an app for that!), the canal actually goes downhill.

Pipkin was disappointed that he was fooled so easily, so he hopped off to enjoy the flowers in the park and to eat some grass. Since Pipkin wasn't going to talk to Domo, Domo decided to strike up some conversation with the locals.

After Pipkin got over feeling so airheaded, the pair headed to north to the Tropic of Cancer.

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