Monday, July 29, 2013

Tropic of Cancer, Taiwan

Sometimes when you're traveling, you have to stop and take the touristy shots that everyone else takes. You have to fight your way through the crowd and get your two seconds to pose quickly in front of whatever monument or sight is around. So, Pipkin and Domo took their turns in front of this tower that was erected (giggle) to mark the Tropic of Cancer.

You have to do the "group shot" - or in this case the couple shot. Either you set a self-timer or you ask a kind tourist you trust to not run off with your camera to please take a photo. This is always challenging when you don't speak the same language. Then you smile real big and if you have a sense of humor, you hope someone is photobombing. Not sure if this qualifies above, but that lady on the left has a sour expression and a shirt that proclaims oh no she didn't!!

Next you grab the camera and take a selfie with the camera all up in your face.

And, at least one of you has to do some sort of funny pose, so you turn it around on your friends and let them go crazy. RAWR! It's like Domo's got some sort of portal to the heavens going on here. Or maybe a strange growth out the top of his head.

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