Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Orleans Homecoming

Ted's first stop in New Orleans (after checking into the Hotel Provincial in the French Quarter) was to see his former home in the Garden District.

Ted (full name Theodore DeCoste) was adopted from Sputnik Ranch, which no longer exists, but Ted posed outside where it used to be. Then he hopped down the street to Tracey's, an Irish pub and restaurant with a tasty menu.

It looks empty now, at the pre-lunch hour, but in the evening, this place is packed!

Ted recommends a few things to do in the Garden District: visit Lafayette Cemetery No.1, take a guided walking tour of the Garden District (great if you are an architecture and history buff, and you'll see the residences of celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Anne Rice, and John Goodman), and shopping on Magazine St.

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