Thursday, May 1, 2014

Buffet Time!

Weather's fine now...
So, Pipkin and Domo's flight from Beijing to Hong Kong was delayed, and they missed their connecting flight from Hong Kong to Toronto. One hour of waiting on the tarmac meant the two had to wait until the next day to fly back to Toronto. The airline arranged for a hotel room and dinner and breakfast for two at an airport hotel.

Hearing "airport hotel" isn't inspiring, but Pip and Domo were pleasantly surprised at their large (and not just by Hong Kong standards) and very clean hotel room, and a nice relaxing outdoor pool. Pipkin and Domo aren't ones to sit down and watch tv, but after all their traveling, they wanted some mindlessness. That's when they discovered The Amazing World of Gumball and had their minds completely and utterly freakin' blown. If you haven't seen this show, you must go find it and watch it. So many levels of hilarity. Your face will hurt from smiling and all that laughing will leave your stomach feeling like you've had a crazy workout.

Heaven. This is what heaven must be like.
So far, so good. But the best was yet to come! They'd had their fair share of hotel buffets, and a hotel attached to an airport doesn't sound promising happened to be the most tasty buffet EVAR!!

Chocolate. Fountain. And next to it, goodies on sticks, ready for dipping. Marshmallows, cookies, yum.

This is Pipkin's kind of bar.

It wasn't easy to come by fresh fruit in Beijing. Fresh fruit came at a premium, and Chinese people don't eat raw veggies. When Pipkin saw the all you can eat veggie spread he just about lost his labbity mind.

Domo found the raw sushi bar. He was ready to fight anyone for that platter of tuna sashimi. And then he found the burgers. Ooooohhhh...burgers.

There were Cantonese style dishes of course, but Pip and Domo couldn't resist satisfying their cravings for raw veggies and sushi and burgers. Miraculously, they left room for dessert, and lots of it.

They started off with a light dessert course of cheesecakes and creme brulee.

And for second dessert they made their way to the Movenpick counter for ice cream.

And after all of that, Domo still had room for peanut m&ms. Good thing airlines aren't charging passengers by weight, otherwise these two would have to pay for their extra baggage!

After a night of good sleep, the two made their way back to Toronto and then on to the Green Mountain State. In hindsight, the delay wasn't soooo bad. The food, and the discovery of The Amazing World of Gumball, made it all worth it!

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  1. That buffet does look too good to be free!

    1. I could have stayed there all day to eat! I can't believe I didn't photograph any of the dim sum or noodle and rice dishes. I was too excited for sushi and raw produce! :)


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