Friday, May 23, 2014

Fun in the French Quarter

Ted and Clover had just one more day in New Orleans so they spent it together in the French Quarter. They started out with a giant waffle from Magnolia Grill, a fantastic, lively diner on rue Decatur.

Walking around the French Quarter is a lot of fun. It's a mix of retail, commercial and residential, so there's a lot to see. There are unique shops, lots of places to eat and drink, random cats, and it's rich with history and architecture.

There's so much in the French Quarter, you have to get creative with the addresses.

A lot of the balconies in the French Quarter have plants and cozy seating, so residents can people watch from above. But the real beauty of these residences is in their courtyards, which are hidden from street view. What you see walking around the French Quarter is the back of people's homes. You'll have to befriend someone to see what's on the other side! It's usually something very cooling with a fountain and filled with plants for shade, like this:

Ted and Clover walked from Magnolia Grill down to Woldenberg Park, which runs along the muddy Mississippi River. 

At the east end of the park you can find your way to the French Market for fresh produce, food, books, clothing, local arts and crafts...pretty much anything a vendor wants to bring to the market.

If you're interested in learning more about the French Quarter, you should take a guided tour in one of the horse drawn carriages at the south end of St. Louis Park. Ted's Uncle Rick and bride Lisa treated them to a romantic evening tour. It's a great time to do a tour when the streets are quieter but the parties on Bourbon St. aren't yet in full swing.

If you visit St. Louis park early in the morning or late in the evening, you'll find many a psychic, tarot card reader and voodoo practitioner set up in the park. Just another fun thing to do in the French Quarter.

Ted and Clover would like to thank Lisa & Rick again for the invite to their beautiful wedding ceremony in New Orleans. Ted was so happy to re-visit his hometown, and spending time with family and friends in New Orleans is something he will always remember and treasure. There's so much to see and do in New Orleans...they're looking forward to the reunion. ;)

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