Friday, December 20, 2013

Moments of Solitude in Macau

Pipkin and Domo find a quiet courtyard in Macau.
It's crowded in Macau. The population density, according to wikipedia, is 20,497 persons per square kilometre in 2013. Vermont, where Pipkin and Domo live most of the time, has a population density of 26 persons per square kilometre. BIG difference! It's no wonder this shop cat looks so skittish:

Pip and Domo certainly know what it feels like to be small and underfoot. This cat just hates it when people step on her tail.

But there are quiet corners to find in Macau, especially during the high heat of day. If you can take the heat, most everyone is indoors under extreme air conditioning, and there are some lovely places to be alone, like in the shade of this library's garden patio:

 In the back of this garden, there was a cat enjoying peace and quiet.

He was pretty zen.

What Pipkin likes most about this library is its mix of old + new architecture. You can see where the original Portuguese structure meets the modern expansion.

This scooter parking alleyway was cheerfully decorated with colourful flags. It's funny to see a space that screams, "PARTY!" be so empty.

This courtyard was quiet and empty after lunch time. No one seemed to mind the two climbing up onto the garden ornaments, where they caught sight of a cool looking fountain.

Pipkin: It's too hot out here. I'm going for a swim!!

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