Thursday, April 12, 2012

Labbit Travels: YYZ to PUC

Watching the planes take off from Terminal 1 in Toronto, Canada.

Clover decided to take her little whale friend on a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Even though Vermont's winter was mild, early spring is still very brown and dismal. Clover really needed to get away during Mud Season, and she knew her little whale friend missed the ocean, so they booked a last minute trip, hitching a ride with some kind travelers in Toronto, Canada, so that's why you see them in the YYZ airport instead of Boston. Canadians are just so nice!

This giant bronzed kitty kindly pet Clover as she hopped around underfoot. The petting helped calm her down. She's never been on a airplane before, so she was quite nervous.

Clover and the whale scored a window seat so they could see where they were going. Here, they are just sitting on the tarmac awaiting take-off. Very exciting!

Having seen Pipkin's pictures of his trip to Toronto with Domo and Joel Mau5, Clover could tell the tall building in the center of the photo above was the CN Tower. This photo was taken shortly after take-off, and you can see south into downtown Toronto and Lake Ontario.

Clover gave her friend a turn at the window once they passed over the continental United States and were over the ocean. It sure is big and blue... is the sky, even dotted with clouds, you can't get over how blue it all is. The munko whale said she'd probably enjoy swimming in the clouds.

Don't these waters look so warm and inviting?

Once the water views went away, Clover knew they were getting close! And this view is a lot more like it...lots of green rolling hills, just waiting for labbits!

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