Friday, April 13, 2012

Labbit Travels: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Clover and her munko whale friend (who desperately needs a name because typing munko whale friend is awkward) have arrived in their hotel room. Clover is rather pleased with the size of the bed. Her munko whale friend (awkward, awkward!) would rather be out on the beach. The sun is setting, and Clover promises to be out on the beach after sunset.


  1. What about naming the whale Endive?

    1. I decided to go with Kelty, which I made up because it sounded nice. I had no idea it's the name of an outdoor outfitter. :)

    2. Cute name! Sorry for all the other comments. I wasn't quite sure if the comment had had been submitted. Also, I absolutely love your blog! All the little labbits and their friends are so cute! I want some labbits. :)

    3. Endive would have been a good name, and food related, too! :) There are soooo many kinds of labbits. Kidrobot's website is a great place to get the latest labbit, and sometimes you can get the latest labbit directly from Frank Kozik himself (the labbit creator) and signed and personalized. Check out Mr. Kozik's blog:

      And get a labbit! They are so awesome! :)

    4. Yep! I just happened to be eating a delicious pear and endive salad and thought the name would be fitting. Though I do love the name Kelty! I'll have to go and check out the website and blog. Tell all the labbits and their friends a Labbit lover said hello. :)