Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Bunneh News

Pipkin hopes Domo will share The Pooh Bear (VT honey and cinnamon sugar) crepe with him at Skinny Pancake

You'll have to pardon the labbits' absence of late. The Chinese Year of the Labbit is over, but there have been many requests to continue the documentation of Pipkin and his friends' labbity adventures and for the labbits to keep posting recipes to nommy vegetarian dishes. Lately, the labbits have been terribly confused by the odd weather in southern VT. It's been unseasonably warm and the labbits are out playing but it's all very muddy and brown and not too picturesque. HOWEVER...

Exciting news! The labbits haven't traveled much lately, having hunkered down even for this mild past winter, but Clover is happy to announce she will soon be traveling south and enjoying some sand and sun and surf. She will likely take one of the munko whales along, since they are desperate for the ocean.

Pipkin will also be traveling to San Francisco soon. He's hoping to stop in on his vinyl cousins at Kidrobot San Francisco, and maybe, just maybe, he can meet his maker, Frank Kozik, or at least visit the studio. Paws and whiskers crossed! Pip's BFF Domo will of course be his chosen travel companion.

For now, the labbits (and Domo) are doing what they do best: fattening their bodies with delicious food, like crepes at Skinny Pancake. Domo is, of course, still hitting the caffeine pretty hard. There's just no stopping him.

This is how Domo likes his caffeine served up: in the biggest, baddest bowl available.


  1. I imagine the labbits have been busy doing what most labbits do in the springtime :) Maybe some new little labbits on the way?


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