Monday, June 13, 2011

Glassblowing At Simon Pearce

Captain Holly looks into the gift shop at Simon Pearce

Captain Holly was camping at Wilgus State Park on the weekend and decided to stop by Simon Pearce to watch some artists at work glassblowing. He'll be sure to tell Clover about this place, and he found himself a little lonely, wishing he'd brought her along. She would have really liked it here.

On the catwalk, Captain Holly looks down at a couple of glassblowers. One would bring hot glass out of the furnace and pour it into a heart shaped mold. The other would press the mold and then bring the product over for finishing while the first would trim off the glass and go into the furnace for more.

Holly peeked through a window off the catwalk to see what other glass creations were available. The window to the gift shop was a lot more interesting (top photo) but he'll come back another time with Clover.

Visit the Simon Pearce website to see their handblown glass items, pottery, home decor and lighting items.

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