Sunday, June 19, 2011

Captain Holly Climbs Mt Cardigan

It was a gorgeous sunny day in New England so Captain Holly decided to check out the view from the top of Mt Cardigan in Orange, NH. The 3121 ft summit is barren rock with little vegetation which provides a 360 degree panoramic view of rural New Hampshire. On a clear day like today, Captain Holly imagines he saw into Vermont as well.

A fire in 1855 burned much of the vegetation and soil at the summit of Mt Cardigan, and to this day there are only a few shrubs, lichen and moss. Knowing this, Captain Holly really shouldn't be smorkin' up there!

After soaking in the sun on the rocks, Captain Holly cooled his paws in a pretty moss covered stream with little waterfalls over the rocks.

For more information about hiking the trails at Mt Cardigan, visit the Appalachian Mountain Club's page for Mt Cardigan.  And remember - don't smork on hiking trails! Only you can prevent wildfires.

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