Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Labbit Meets Labbit

The First Sighting from The Clothes Horse on Vimeo.

The labbits were happy to see another new stop motion labbit movie featuring Nasha, a labbit who lives with Rebecca, whose blog The Clothes Horse inspires many of Clover's crafty and sartorial creations.

I made a stop motion labbit movie a loooong time ago, when Pipkin first met Clover, sometime in September of 2010.  I was just fooling around with my camera and iMovie for the first time, so this was very experimental. The pacing ended up being quite erratic, which I blame on my impatience to just shoot enough material to test out iMovie. The result was still cute, so I kinda like it. Anyway, I couldn't upload my video in very high quality because Blogger controls the file size and I don't know how to get around it without posting the video to youtube, which I don't want to do anyway because my address is all over the box soooo...I hope you enjoy it in all its low res glory. I also didn't get as fancy and put it to music. I keep saying I'll add a soundtrack someday, but I never seem to get around to it.

By the way, for those of you who are not familiar with "blind box" or "blind assortment" toy culture, it's like, a big deal n' stuff to unbox your item for the first time because these items are sold either in packaging that doesn't allow a recipient (or the seller) to know what's inside (and some varieties are more rare than others), or the item is picked at random by the seller, and the buyer doesn't know what they're going to get. Youtube has many blind box opening videos, and for some odd reason, other people have fun watching these. I always thought it a little strange, so I themed the labbit video below as if it were an unboxing. In the end, I thought yeah - I bet my labbit did have fun unboxing the new labbit!

*edit - oh dear, I don't know why the video doesn't work in the first couple of seconds. That's weird. It was just a title screen that said "Labbit Gets a Surprise", so you're not missing much! 

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