Sunday, February 10, 2013

Year of the Snake Sillinesssss

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy New Year! Welcome, Year of the Snake. The labbits are celebrating with a snakey conga line.


Warren and Pipsqueak watched Alien last night, which inspired this not-so-scary photo. Nice try, guysssss.

How are you celebrating the Lunar New Year? Hopefully with yummy things to eat. Here are some recipes to try, courtesy of Chef Jimmy and the labbits:

Hong Kong Egg Tarts

Sweet Potato and Shiitake Mushroom Wontons

Vegetarian Stuffed Bao


  1. Cute! I noticed that the labbit at the end of the line was facing the other way:) Why is there three white vinyl labbits? Is the labbit a newcomer?????

    1. That last white labbit is from the xmas labbits set. He's a bit daft, and is often facing the wrong way.

      The other white labbit is another labbit in the warren. He is camera shy!


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