Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Sundays!

Sundays are kind of lazy at the warren. Pipkin slept in and woke up when he felt like it. Then he hopped to the kitchen to whip up a quick, experimental batch of muffins using the blueberries he picked on Friday. He pulled ingredients from the pantry and threw it all together, halving the sugar amount, adding some lemon curd just 'cause, cutting out some yolk, adding in some Greek yogurt and eyeballing the blueberries - when it looked like it was just enough blueberries in the batter, he added more. And then a little more. :)

While Pipkin experimented with baking, Masher McBuns downed a 2x caffeine energy GU (doesn't he know caffeine stunts your growth? Maybe that's why he's a smaller labbit) and headed out for a long ride, with no regard to time. Sundays are for long, slow rides.  (Well, not too slow.)

Masher gave his buns a break and took a photo at the county line. One ear in Windham county, another ear in Windsor county!
At the end of his ride, Masher came back to the warren to find Pipkin waiting on the sun porch with a batch of warm muffins. It was a great way to fuel up post-ride. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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