Sunday, March 25, 2012

Too Cute To Eat

Pipkin never understood why some humans would eat cows and chickens and pigs but wouldn't eat animals that are deemed cute, like labbits and kittens. Not that he minds, he'd rather you didn't eat him. But one day he came upon this giant carrot and this humongous broccoli and thought that they were just too cute and plushie to eat. Never any harm in making new friends so...may as well join 'em. Who knew being in a cart full of carrots could be so cozy?


  1. Did Pipkin go to IKEA to find giant carrots and broccoli? Because Dr. Duck and I found similar veggies at the IKEA in Dallas and they were awesome!

  2. Pipkin went to this particular IKEA because he heard it was the newest, biggest IKEA in Canada. It was just more IKEA stuff, and nothing special, really. If it's the biggest, it isn't by much.

    I for one, bow down to our giant veggie overlords! I have a giant sushi pillow, I should have gotten the giant carrot!


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