Sunday, March 25, 2012

Labbit Travels: Ottawa, ON

Pipkin, on the advice of his mau5 friend Joel, went to visit Ottawa, ON in February, during their annual 3 week long winter festival Winterlude, or Bal de Neige. Apologies for the late post, but it took a while for these photos to develop. And by develop, Pipkin means finding the black cord thing that connects the camera to the computer to upload photos.

Not that there were many photos to develop. In fact, there were only two, and you're looking at them right now. Sadly, Vermont wasn't the only place to experience unseasonably warm weather. Even though Pipkin traveled farther north, it had been warm enough in Ottawa to melt all the ice sculptures and the Snowflake Kingdom. Even the famed Rideau Canal, with its promise of 17 km of uniterrupted skating, was sadly not frozen.

The best place to eat a Beavertail, a tasty fried puff pastry with lemon juice and cinnamon sugar, is right on the Rideau Canal after a day of skating. Unfortunately with the canal not being frozen and all, the hut had nothing to float on, so Pipkin had to settle for the Beavertails hut in the Byward Market.

Apparently every other tourist in town had the same thought and Pipkin had to stand in a long queue to get his own Beavertail. At least the crowd (and Pipkin's toque) kept Pipkin warm while he waited. And it's all worth it, because Beavertails are so, so tasty!

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