Sunday, October 9, 2011

Labbit Travels: Return To Hogback Mountain

Hey! Who are these guys?!
It was another beautiful fall day so Pipkin hitched a ride with some bikers and returned to Hogback Mountain to check out the fall colors. It's typically peak leaf peeping season around Columbus Day weekend, but perhaps because of Tropical Storm Irene and all the rainfall in the summer and early autumn, the colors were still quite green.

That wasn't the biggest surprise for Pipkin. The biggest surprise happened to be these pint sized whales he found hogging his favorite viewing perch! (Be fair, Pipkin, and share!)

Whale tails sighting in southern Vermont!

He had a chat with the two whales (the white is a munko whale, and the pink one a munkosaur) and discovered they are on a trek to visit their whale brethren in northern Vermont. They have been land swimming a long way!

Pipkin offered to sneak them north to Bellows Falls, and although they do prefer to swim, the whales thought they'd appreciate the break. Perhaps we will see more of the munko and munkosaur's adventures!

Pipkin gets his turn at his viewing spot.


  1. I just found you when I was looking up info on Labbits. I just love the blog. :)

  2. Thanks! If there are any questions I can answer about labbits, just ask!


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