Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Labbit Uprising

Clover checks out a silkscreen edition of Kozyndan's infamous "Uprisings" painting. The Los Angeles artist duo (Kozy and Dan) created this painting as a play on the famous "Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Hokusai.

Hokusai's "Great Wave Off Kanagawa"
Clover takes a closer look.

If you look closely, you see the waves in Kozyndan's "Uprisings" are made up by hundreds of rabbits. It reminds Clover of the scene in the movie "The Last Unicorn" where the unicorns fruitlessly try to escape their watery prison every night.

So pretty, and so sad.

This silkscreen was produced in limited number, and was screened with 5 metallic inks. "Uprisings" has become a part of a 4 part series of paintings called "Seasons of the Bunny". Each season is represented with cleverly hidden bunnies. Visit Kozyndan's website to view more of their spectacular art.

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