Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Labbit Travels: Toronto, Canada, Day 2

For their second day in Toronto, Joel took Pipkin and Domo to the St. Lawrence Market for fresh food and people watching. From here you can look west into the downtown core with its skyscrapers and the famous CN Tower, a communications and observation tower, and the tallest free-standing structure
in the western hemisphere.

Inside the market there are numerous vendors: bread, desserts, sushi, fresh fruit and veggies, fish mongers, butchers, cheese shops, maple syrup, candy, flowers and the list goes on! It's a wonderful place to stop for a nice lunch and eat out on the patio under the summer sun.

Domo thinks Toronto has a bit of a problem with directions, at least where underground parking lots are concerned. A couple of days ago in a parking garage, he found himself in a very topsy turvy emergency. Today it seems he'll have to take the stairs to the second level underground lot, since the elevator clearly only goes in one direction.

The trio also visited the Canadian National Exhibition grounds, but the CNE (or simply, "The Ex") doesn't open until mid August. They wandered the grounds taking a look at the buildings, like the beautiful Liberty Grand ballroom.

Pipkin's favorite structure at the fairgrounds was the The ExPlace wind turbine, the first urban sited wind turbine in North America. He thinks it's quite graceful, and likes that it is a clean, renewable source of energy for the city.

Finally the trio wrapped up their day by laying out on the beach at the Sunnyside Beach Bathing Pavilion.  You can see the CN Tower in the background and get a sense of just how much taller it is than the city's skyscrapers. Joel is also happy to report that efforts to clean Lake Ontario have paid off and beaches are open to swimming again. The water certainly looks far more blue than it has in the past half decade, but Pip preferred staying on land.

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