Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Green and Gray Days at Minards Pond

Pipkin revisits Minards spirit. The day is still gray, but the pond is no longer frozen over. Hopefully the next photo will show blue skies or a colorful sunset reflected in the water. Maybe I'll attempt a photo within a photo within a photo.

It was very windy today which made taking this photo really challenging! I also didn't perfectly align the metal beam that Pipkin was on to the beam here, but like I said, it was really windy. I had taken sooooo many photos before this one, and decided I wasn't going to get a good shot so I stood up to leave. Just as I was about to walk away the wind died down a little. I whipped around and snapped a few more pics while the wind was calmer, and didn't realize I had moved a couple steps over. Oh well! This was the best that I could do. Next time, labbit. Next time.

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