Sunday, July 1, 2012

Labbits Like: Sunday Brunch

It's a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and after some digging in the garden, Pipkin donned his people disguise and hopped into the village to visit Popolo for Sunday Brunch. (Popolo means people, thus the people disguise, but he's beginning to think they're very labbit friendly.) He'd been cleaning in the yard all morning so he thought a nice, cold Bloody Mary was in order. Instead of the traditional Worcestershire sauce often used to spice a Bloody Mary, Pipkin requested a vegetarian version, so this Bloody Mary - made with fresh tomato juice, not the canned/mix stuff - was spiced with horseradish and tabasco sauce instead. It was also garnished with lemon, lime, green olives, an onion and real cherries! Yum!

Labbits have a sweet tooth so Pipkin went for crepes with a healthy serving of marscarpone and raspberries, and he asked for hash browns on the side.

The marscarpone and raspberries did not disappoint. The hash browns, described in the menu as crispy potato cake, were definitely crispy but not at all in cake form. They were more like really skinny, crispy French fries, and it looked more like a bird's nest. Not what Pipkin was expecting, and still tasty, but he would have preferred a crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside potato cake. Pipkin's made his own potato cakes before, and he's happy to share the recipe with you here!

Pipkin's glad he's got his people disguise, and he's sure he'll be back again to try the other offerings on the Sunday brunch menu. Hope you are all having a good Sunday, and to his Canadian friends, Pipkin wishes you all a Happy Canada Day!

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