Thursday, June 21, 2012

Labbits Like: Iced Coffee on Iced Coffee

When you're a beautiful plush and moustachioed labbitus bos taurus like Patrick O'Ryan, your fur can make you really hot, especially when the weather looks something like this before noon:

...which, by the way, is just not typical for Vermont. Feels like 102 °F? Yow.

Napping in a dark warren helps, but why not bring a chill bevvie with you? Inspired by his own beautiful coat pattern, Patrick brings you homemade iced coffee...on coffee ice cubes. Coffee ice cubes? Oh yes! No more watered down iced coffee! Keep that flavor strong! (Unless you like watered down iced coffee. Weirdo.)

For Coffee Ice Cubes you will need to brew a cup of coffee to desired strength. Get yourself a clean ice cube tray. Patrick likes to use his French Press to make coffee. It makes a kind of farty sound, and yeah, he's that immature.

After the coffee has brewed, it's time to press and get those coffee grinds out of our coffee.


Patrick: Wasn't me! I swear!

Let the coffee cool slightly before pouring it into your ice cube tray. Allow the coffee to further cool to room temperature before putting the tray into the freezer. Letting it cool helps your freezer work more efficiently.

Tuck that bad boy into the freezer. (Hey - why is there a frozen banana in here? And how long have those dinner rolls been in here?)

Now be very patient. It might be a good time for a nap.

Oh yes! Yes, yes, yesyesyes! They're ready, so go brew yourself another cup of coffee, and let it cool to room temperature.

For maximum prettiness, fill a Ball jar with both regular and coffee ice cubes. How pretty is all that frosty brown and white?

So pretty.
So, so pretty.
Let's get to pouring, shall we?

Pour yourself some coffee until it almost reaches the top.

Pour in your cream/half&half/milk/soy/creamer(shudder)/whathaveyou. Patrick is allergic to soy and likes the nutty flavor of almond milk. Plus, he's watching his labbity figure.

Add in a little sugar or sweetener at this point. Admire the swirliness before you give it one final, good stir.

Enjoy, and stay cool!

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