Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Labbits Listen To: WINTERSLEEP

Those of you who have been following Pipkin on this blog know that he has been taking guitar lessons at the Brattleboro Music Center. He's got big hopes for playing in a band someday, and one of his biggest inspirations is the Canadian indie rock group Wintersleep. Only a few weeks ago Wintersleep announced their US East coast tour with their first ever Vermont date! Burlington is only a 2 hour drive from Bellows Falls, and for Pipkin to see one of his favourite bands, it was well worth the drive. (Wintersleep has played at The Iron Horse in Northampton MA in the past, which is closer to Bellows Falls, but not one of Wintersleep's stops this time around.)

While a Tuesday night show on a dreary, wet spring night isn't the best of crowd gathering nights, the band played a full energetic set and a two song encore. 

From left to right: guitarist (most of the time guitarist) Tim D'eon ; new bassist Chris (sorry, Pipkin didn't catch his last name); guitarist and vocalist Paul Murphy; Jon Samuel on keyboards (most of the time)

...and there's the drummer, hiding in the back. Loel Campbell is an incredibly talented and creative drummer.

This show in Burlington was Chris' first with the band. Welcome, Chris!

Pipkin poses with the evening's set list. After the show, he caught up with guitarist Tim D'Eon and had the privilege of posing with him in a picture.

Thank you Wintersleep for visiting our little Green Mountain State. Now that the band has relocated to Montreal we're hopeful they will continue to play in Vermont and Northampton MA. Until then, visit Wintersleep's website for tour info, music and videos

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