Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Day in the Garden

Pipkin played in a friend's beautiful garden today. It was a funny spring day with rolling thunderstorms, sun showers, rain, sunshine and heat. (It is New England after all.) When the rain stopped and the sun came out (for a little while), Pipkin hopped around the tulips, chatted with the chickens, and even met a garden labbit!

He couldn't stand to talk to the chickens for too long. These ladies like to talk a lot: "The neighbour's dog is trotting about with that other dog, and that tom cat's been around again, with a different cat, and oh! have you seen the cat across the street? Another litter already?!" It happens when you're in a coop together like that. Pipkin's not really one for gossip, so he said goodbye and left the ladies to their clucking.

Better to just go around smelling the flowers.

Pipkin likes alium! Very dramatic. It's like a giant purple firework explosion of pretty flowers.

This garden labbit didn't say much, which, to Pipkin, was quite a nice change of pace from the chicken coop.

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