Thursday, August 29, 2013

From Eternal Spring to Hot Springs

Pipkin and Domo made their way north from the Eternal Spring Shrine towards Jiaoxi Township where they were to spend the night at a swanky hotel in hot spring country. Unfortunately, they missed their train by only a few minutes and had to sit around at the station for the next train, losing daylight and time booked at the spa.

By the time they arrived at the hotel, it was well after dark and in a short time the public hot springs at the hotel would be closed. At any rate, there are traditional Japanese style bath houses at the hotel and since nudity is the norm, so Pip and Domo wouldn't have shared any photos. (You see them naked all the time, but you know, they wouldn't want to share other peoples' naked bits without permission.)

Each hotel room has its own stone tiled tub with taps that pour out water from the hot springs. While they can't sit under the stars amongst a pretty Japanese style garden,  their only night at the spa wasn't a total bust.

Jiaoxi has been a popular tourist hot spot since the Japanese colonial period, hence the influence of Japanese bath houses. The hot spring water is odorless, lacking the sulphur scent of many hot springs. The water is made up of sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and carbonic acid ions and has an average temperate of 58 degrees Celsius.

Filling the tile tub was overkill for Domo and Pipkin but they imagined it was their own private hot spring pool. Soaking in the mineral rich water left Domo and Pipkin's furry exteriors incredibly soft!

It was nice to get out of the hot tub and enjoy a refreshing cool rinse with the adjacent shower. 

It seemed like every bathroom in the hotels they stayed at had a telephone beside the toilet, and this hotel, the nicest one they stayed in, was no exception. Pipkin can't imagine wanting to talk to anyone while they were on the potty. This hotel's potty was the fanciest one they'd seen. Just look at all the options!

So after a very thorough cleansing experience, the two fell into a deep sleep and looked forward to the next day. In the light of day, the two awoke and looked out their window. They didn't seem to have missed too much by getting in late the previous night. Looks like they were surrounded by other touristy looking spa hotels. On to Taipei!

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