Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Trails, Happy Labbit Tails

Oooh, I hope there are squirrels on this trail!

Pipkin returned from his trip to Canada to a very balmy Vermont. It's been above freezing for days and days, and a lot of the holiday snowfall has been melting. That didn't stop Pipkin from doing a little cross country skiing on the trails at Timber Creek in Dover, VT. When he left the warren it was heavily fogged, threatening rain, and in the mid 40s (°F), with temperatures still rising. But when he got to Dover, the fog lifted, skies were blue and since he was at a higher elevation, the conditions were quite nice!

Through the pine grove.


He started out with a little skiing on misty pine covered trails, making his way to the cabin on the Hill Top trail where he had heard rumors of s'mores! There were a few spills along the way. Skiing doesn't come so naturally to labbits. Still, it's a lot of fun. When you fall, you just get up.

Mmmmph! These are like marshmallow pillows. Wouldn't you want to sleep on a marshmallow pillow?
The rumors were true! Mmmmmmm, s'mores by the fire! Pipkin ate a couple marshmallows while he waited his turn, then toasted a classic round Jet-Puff to perfection before smooshing it between some honey and cinnamon graham crackers and Hershey's milk chocolate.

Toasty, toasty, toasty!

To burn off the s'mores calories Pipkin skiied around the trails some more (Some more. Somemore. s'mores!! Mmmmmmm...). He could have easily hopped along the trails, but you certainly go a lot faster on skis. He wrapped up the day with a little snowman making. Ah, winter!


  1. I love that I can recognize some of the folks that Pipkin went skiing with by their jackets and skiwear, even though they're fuzzily in the background! Our snow from Friday has gone all squeaky with the sub-zero nights and isn't good for much.

    1. It's 53°F in southern VT, and it's not even noon. Farewell, pretty snow...hope some more is coming soon.

  2. We need to make marshmallows! It's easy and delicious. Maybe you can have a guest cook/kitchen feature?

    1. Yes, we should get together to make marshmallows! The labbits can come visit - although Essie the cat doesn't seem to fond of them...

  3. pipkin is making a great snowman so far!


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