Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Labbit Travels: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Pipkin wished Maman well at the National Gallery of Canada, then hopped across Major's Hill Park, up the locks on the Rideau Canal and over to the Parliament Buildings. Despite the cold (-13°C) and the snow, there were several runners on the path around Parliament Hill. Pipkin jumped up on this fence to get out of their way, and to get a look across the Ottawa River into Hull, QC.

Looks just as grey and chilly in Quebec.

This has got to be the prettiest library Pipkin's ever seen. The last two libraries he visited were the Portland Public Library, a modern block and glass structure in Portland's Old Port, and the Seattle Public Library in Seattle, WA, a glass and steel structure resembling a stack of books. The Library of Parliament was designed in the High Victorian Gothic Revival style, and with the snow decorating its roof and flying buttresses, Pipkin thinks the library looks like a giant, fancy cake. Mmmmm, books.

What? We're not catching snowflakes here?
Pipkin found this unicorn at the entrance to the Centre Block of the Parliament buildings. The unicorn, on Canada's coat of arms, as well as the coat of arms of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Manitoba, is traditionally a symbol of chivalry and purity. He carries a flag representing France, and a shield representing Scotland. How stately! Not exactly what Pipkin was thinking when he posed for this silly photo, but...okay.

Thank goodness for the Centennial Flame. Pipkin's got his fur and his toque to keep him warm, but he loves the warmth from this fire in front of the Peace Tower. He hates to leave this bright spot on a grey day, but he's here on a mission, to say farewell to a beloved part of Parliament Hill. He's quite sure these buildings aren't going anywhere soon, so goodbye to them, for now.

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  1. That library is pretty amazing from the outside. Dr. Duck now wants to go to Ottawa and see this library and the other Parliament buildings. Looks as though Pip had a wonderful trip to the great white north!


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