Friday, December 9, 2011

Labbits Like: Happy Hippo Kinder Biscuits!

What's this? Someone left a treat out on the dining room table. Pipkin's naturally very curious so...he unwrapped the packaging to find this jolly Happy Hippo!

Labbits wouldn't eat real hippos, and they do have a sweet tooth for cocoa. This Kinder Happy Hippo is a crisp and crunchy wafer with smooth hazelnut cream layered with milk and cocoa cream. Even though Pipkin felt a little guilty biting into the hippo's cute face, he has to admit it was a very tasty treat.


  1. Hello~! I had been wondering if you were OK. You hadn't posted in awhile, but I couldn't leave a message on tumblebrog so I forgot about it until now. I'm glad to see that you posted again, and that you tried Happy Hippo (I am also a fan). Stay warm~

  2. Maggies like Happy Hippo treats too! Pipkin has excellent taste in sweets. :) I've been missing Pip's adventures, but I know little labbits get busy too.

  3. Hello Pip and Co. I'm Julia, a Wood Rabbit who lives in Bellows Falls! Melissa Hays shared your blog with me, which I find refreshingly ridiulous and very awesome. I met you once at the BF Opera House with Abe and we were supposed to do brunch sometime! Hope we can still get together. I need more weird people around me, and not just BF weird... btw, where do I find the Hippos? I want to eat them.


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