Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pipkin Goes to Connecticut

Pipkin had to get away from the 14+ inches of snow that fell in southern Vermont yesterday, so his friends Kelly and Jess brought him along to Connecticut, with the promise of above freezing temperatures and a lot less snow. Pipkin listened to NPR and bluegrass on the radio and looked wide-eyed out the window as the snow seemed to melt away the further south they traveled.

And just like that, 160 miles south, Pipkin hopped out of the car in Mystic, CT, to breathe in the Atlantic ocean air and see the grass, however brown it may be.

After they visited Upton Bass in Stonington, Kelly and Jess took Pipkin to someplace called IKEA in New Haven, which labbit did not like at all. The lights, the noise, the people - it was all too much for poor Pipkin. It wasn't until he came upon these friendly store rabbits that he felt at ease. They huddled around him, told him stories and kept him warm until it was time for him to head home. He already misses the new friends he made today, and he hopes they all find good homes.

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