Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adventure...on hold!

Yesterday, Masher McBuns spent all day a bit of time changing out his trainer tire for his road tire, all in anticipation of a community bike ride today. Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating. As you can see from the radar above (and as Masher can see from the wet roads and the wet cold stuff falling on his plush fur), temperatures are hovering dangerously around freezing and there's a mix of snow/rainy precipitation. Looks like he and Doddy Blue will have to do something else today. on hold.


  1. I got very confused when i saw Manchester on that that is where i am from! Just the UK version obviously haha.
    Sorry to hear the adventure is on hold...silly weather! We brits are well know for complaining about our weather - especially in Manchester as it is near the Lake District and it rains all the time!
    It won't be long though till you can carry on the adventures and do the bike ride with the Labbits in tow! :)

    1. My mother and father both went to school in the UK, and they lived there for quite some time so I am all too familiar with their complaining about the weather! The Lake District is beautiful! I have been on holiday there a couple of times and you know what? It DIDN'T rain much! Everyone told me I must have brought good weather with me from Canada (where I'm originally from).

  2. Sorry to hear about your weather! I read your blog all the time, can't wait for the adventures to start back up again!



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